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01. She was sexually [assaulted] while walking home through the park alone at night.
02. He was arrested and charged with [assault] after getting into a fight at a bar.
03. The police attacked the building where the hostages were being held with tear gas and [assault] rifles.
04. Police have not yet determined if the victim was sexually [assaulted] before being murdered.
05. The young man had been [assaulted] with a baseball bat, and had a broken arm and a large bump on his head.
06. The army is planning a midnight [assault] on the enemy's position.
07. He was arrested and charged with [assault] after hitting someone in the head with his stick during the hockey game.
08. John Maynard Keynes once said that words ought to be a little wild for they are the [assaults] of thought on the unthinking.
09. The knights who led the [assault] on the enemy's castle were honored by the King after the battle.
10. The American troops were able to enter the city following a successful [assault] on the rebel camp.
11. Three climbers were killed during an [assault] on the south face of the mountain.
12. Four men are in jail after a policeman was violently [assaulted] during a demonstration outside a clinic where abortions are performed.
13. She developed a terrible fear of strangers after being sexually [assaulted] in a public park on the way home from work.
14. Iraqi insurgents have launched a major [assault] against American forces in four different cities.
15. The thief [assaulted] his victim with a golf club before stealing her purse and all her jewelry.
16. King Arthur and his knights made a daring, daylight [assault] on the enemy castle.
17. The raid began with a force of 10 [assault] helicopters.
18. In 1996, British mountaineer Alison Hargreaves died while descending from a successful [assault] of the mountain known as K2.
19. Before his death in 1996, rapper Tupac Shakur had been arrested a number of times for crimes including [assault] and sex abuse.
20. On June 6, 1944, Allied Forces launched a major [assault] against German troops in Normandy.
21. The Encyclopaedia Britannica Online describes the First World War as the most intense physical, economic, and psychological [assault] on European society in its history.
22. Studies show that the majority of women who are physically or sexually [assaulted] know their attackers.
23. The movie star was arrested after [assaulting] a photographer who was trying to take a picture of him with his new girlfriend.
24. Japanese teachers are increasingly being [assaulted] by their students, according to a recent news report.
25. The young woman was drugged and then sexually [assaulted] by a young man she met at a party.
26. A police spokesman said that reports of [assaults] in the downtown area have increased by over 10% since the bars began closing two hours later.
27. Two men carrying [assault] rifles entered the bank and escaped with over $100,000 in cash.
28. Studies show that the most likely place for a person to be murdered or seriously [assaulted] is at home, by family members.
29. In Brazil, at the MaracaÙŒa Stadium, a moat had to be built around the playing field to keep fans from [assaulting] the players and referees.
30. On February 24, 1991, a ground [assault] by Allied forces was begun in Kuwait to force out the Iraqi invaders.
31. The victim of the [assault] had a broken jaw and a black eye.
32. The [assault] on the enemy camp was a great success; twenty enemy soldiers were captured and none of our men were killed.
33. Recent studies suggest that college-age women have a much greater chance of becoming a victim of sexual [assault] on days when they drink alcohol.{</charset>}

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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